style du jour

A little something that caught my eye sometime last week…

style du jour 2 post


..and with a emphasis on those details it made up for a very chic outfit..




candle moments

It is one of those rainy days,  when all you wanna do is stay in bed with a cup of coffee, a few candles and a good read…

candle moments post


Diptyque always makes some of my favorite fragranced candles, but I recently discovered their line of home fragrances, that are perfect for that quick refreshing spray. On one of my trips I also stubled on Neom Organics candles, made with 100% natural ingredients. Always on the lookout, I also discovered Matter and Home, which combine their scents with an elegant, thoughtful design, and Nest Fragrances that offer a large variety of home and fine fragrances to choose from.

style du jour


its one of those days that calls for a laid back kind of formal style. It could be a casual day at the office or a day off stroling around the city…

style du jour post


its all in the details..




and out the door we go

have a nice time!